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I'm 3 days short of 1 year from my last entry here. Wild, man. So we finished watching all of "Hell's Kitchen". It was great. I'm now trying to sit through that Guy Fieri show but it's much more difficult. See you next November.

Hello friend,

I'm just writing this NEW entry because I'm sick of looking at my OLD entry that's been here since January. That's it.

We're watching "Hell's Kitchen" and it's pretty fun. Only 139 episodes to go.

Have a nice day.

Hello friends,

Have a nice day.


I'm not much of a talker, I'm more of a painter. If you would like to see much more of my art, you can see it here.

Have a nice day.
  • Drinking: urine

I'm making trading cards. Do you like trading cards? Maybe you would like mine.…


My name is Jim Ether. I'm an artist from Massachusetts. I'm in my early 30's and I enjoy painting, sculpting, making music and filmmaking.

My favorite food is pizza.

Thank you for looking at my profile, I'm looking forward to enjoying all the great art fellow DeviantARTists have to offer.

I hope you have a pleasant day, Goodbye.